By now you might know the name for our main product. It’s Edicy What you might not know are the hours days of brain crushing in the office to find exactly the right combination of letters we would be happy with. We searched for something unique enough to get a good domain name (as it turns out, every single word in the ordinary English dictionary is already pretty much taken) but still something with a familiar ring to it. Rather “Webber” than “Woobzr”, rather “EditMe” than “EdMez”.

We decided to make everyone a part of the naming process. Thus we created a little competition page for you to submit us ideas:

The “T-shirt” competition was a huge success, more than 170 names with submissions from “Wengine” and “Edibar” to “(.) (.)” and “Elvis”. We created a mini-gallery of all the submitted shirts, so go on, find your favourite. And maybe there’s one for your very own startup :).

The Dick Tracys among you might have seen something suspicious already here Can you spot it? The name that won, Edicy, came from inside our studio. It was just one of the many words we jotted down during lunch-hour brainstorm sessions but somehow it slowly started to appear in our alpha builds more often than other candidates.

Over the last weeks we have grown very fond of the name, so give a very warm welcome for Edicy!

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  • Kaitlin Valdez Jan 24

    I'd type the word dissertation. And then I would go in it into the university to show it to dean!!! :)

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