Actually, we didn't even think about integrating any popular blog engine with Edicy. It was clear enough — none of those we had tried so far, had fit into our concept of seamless editing. So, the long line of different approaches to blogging has grown by one unit again.
In Edicy, posting takes place in the same environment as reading and browsing — on site. Adding a post can be started either on-site or from Edicy's toolbar. Managing of the comments takes currently place in the admin view, but we hope to implement it on-site like everything else (hint — trashcan and spamflame icons serving you beside the post you hover over).

Again, the difference between browsing and editing a blog in Edicy is as small as possible. The past few weeks we have been running our blog on Edicy show that on-site really is more comfortable. Of course, there are also convenient table-views with latest activities, comment and post management etc on the admin side of Edicy for situations needing more systematic approach.

Today, the engine is still too pure, fresh and simple even for us. Next week we'll proceed into the second round with this experiment. Those oh-so-basic features we are going to implement in the coming iterations, are — RSS, spam protection, mail alerts, tags and mabe later also posting through an e-mail drop-box. Yes, we don't have them yet, yay :)

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