We're happy to report that in addition to Dutch and 13 other languages Edicy is now also available in Finnish. The Finnish translation, like most of the others, was done by a volunteer, Toivo Talikka.
Here's what Toivo wrote us about himself: "I have worked in IT since early 70's in different roles in Finland, England, Papua New Guinea and Australia. I work in Sydney as a web developer, customizing websites built on PHP and MySQL. Toivo Talikka, Edicy translation volunteerI found Edicy's approach to content management very exciting. The translation gave me the opportunity to brush up on my web vocabulary in Finnish."

If you want to check out a Finnish site already running on Edicy go to graso.fi. And if you happen to have any Finnish friends - who are no doubt enjoying the short summer somewhere in their mökki - be sure to interrupt their vacation and tell them about this cool new way to create websites.

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