As we continue to develop Edicy and ready it for the public we thought we’d start sharing with you some of the changes we make each week.
As part of our development process we release a new internal version of Edicy every Tuesday night with a number of bug fixes and new features, some of the changes are minor while others can be significant improvements to Edicy.

Below is some of the progress we’ve made this week, while it may not mean much yet as most of you have never seen Edicy work its magic, soon enough it will all make sense.

  • Added capability to remove link from text.
  • Added "center" alignment to text align menu.
  • Added Munich design template.
  • Improved "Blog" article entry window. Now default text disappears upon clicking on it.
  • Fixed name overlapping in case of name and surname length exceeding string limit.
  • Fixed element tree views background not resizing on opening\closing tree branches.
  • Fixed "add" and "remove" buttons from disappearing in Internet Explorer after clicking on them once.
  • Fixed minor visual issues with Fraktal's Blog.

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