We've been doing some nice improvements recently in terms of page load times in Edicy to keep up with the growing demand of our service. First and foremost, we implemented page caching for public pageviews and therefore gained approximately 60x faster page load times. Your site visitors will appreciate that. Also, we made some tweaks in site admin area where pages load up to 2-3 times faster than they used to be.

Of course, this is only the beginning in the field of making Edicy faster and more stable. We're monitoring the service constantly and already have a number of ideas where we can optimize things to deliver you a better web editing experience.

Other bug fixes and minor improvements

  • Better link handling in text editor
  • Improved sitemap.xml generator
  • Improved and clarified error and confirmation messages
  • Improved site and page keywords handling
  • Fixed issues with custom blog template handling
  • Fixed blog date setting in blog article properties dialog
  • Fixed broken "Tell a friend" dialog, yaay!
  • Fixed "Recent files" screen
  • Fixes in photo gallery with less standard filenames
  • Minor improvements in page url generation for better search engine optimization
  • Minor fixes in image previewing under media view

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