We are happy to announce that today we released Edicy in Dutch, which is now the 14th language Edicy is available in. The Dutch translation was done by a volunteer, Anno de Vries-de Graaf. He writes about himself and his motivation as follows:
Anno de Vries-de Graaf
I am Anno de Vries-de Graaf, I am Dutchman, but I live in Germany. I work as a software- and network specialist at a small company in Holland. As a sidekick I lecture webdesign at public libraries for more then 5 years now. The participants want to make a website about a hobby, or their business, or family thing, or whatever they want to publish. They are not interested in the technical part of webdesign. They just want an easy way to do it and then go on with their hobbies.

I translated Edicy to use it in the courses I give. I like it because it is easy. There was nothing available in Dutch, so I had to do it myself.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks Anno!

We've also published a press release in Dutch (and another one in Spanish) on the same subject.

We are still looking for new translators who want to join us! If you would like to contribute or translate Edicy into your whatever-it-is speaking language, don't hesitate to contact us at support@edicy.com.

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