Christmas is coming and we have a special gift for the Polish people. We're happy to announce that in addition to 15 other languages Edicy is now also available in Polish!
The Polish translation, like most of the others, was done by a volunteer. It was done by Sławek Chyła and here's what he wrote us about himself:
Sławek Chyła
I'm Sławek Chyła, I live in Poland and I'm 19 years old student. I'm studying IT at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. I decided to translate Edicy because it was a great opportunity to improve my English and also I wasn't able to find anything like Edicy available in Polish language.

I hope you enjoy it!

We are continuously looking for new translators who want to join us! The offer for a free Edicy Pro voucher for 2 years is still valid to honor our active helpers!

If you would like to contribute or translate Edicy into your whatever-it-is speaking language, don't hesitate to contact us at

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