Lately we've been getting quite a few questions from people who'd like to start selling Edicy websites. I'm happy to announce that this is now possible. All you have to do is sign up to our brand new affiliate program (beta) and recommend Edicy to anybody. If they sign up to Edicy and tell us you referred them, you'll receive 25% of their first subscription payment.

To get credit for the referral the client has to enter your referral code when paying for Edicy. In the future you will also be able to advertise Edicy with special links and banners that contain your referral code. When people come to our site through your link and subscribe you will receive credit for the sale. This is still some time away, but we decided to open the program now for those of you that don't need the link function.

One of the ways to get referrals is to help design a site with Edicy. The design platform is completely open so just with a little knowledge it is possible to connect any design with Edicy - or just build a site based on one of our templates. We're confident that once people see how good their site looks and how easily they can use it, they'll be happy to pay for it.

Last, but not least: although this is the beta version of the program and undoubtedly there will be some kinks to work out, we are absolutely guaranteeing that if you help us sell Edicy you will get paid. There is nothing beta about that part.

So if you’d like to be a part of Edicy's success go and sign up to the program.

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  • Indrek. Jul 13

    Ei saa väga pihta, et miks peaks keegi ennast tülitama mingi koodi sisestamisega, kui see keegi sellest midagi kasu ei saa... St kui selle code teadmine ja sisestamine annaks kasutajale 1% alet, siis oleks motivaator olemas...

  • Kajar Jul 14

    Indrek, me arutasime ka seda allahindluse varianti, aga otsustasime seda siiski mitte rakendada. Kui inimene ei taha oma viitaja koodi sisestada, on ta pigem kiuslik. Ning programmil tuleb hiljem ka see osa, kus läbi viitaja lingi pannakse kood automaatselt uue lehe konto külge.

  • Risto Jul 15

    Jääme ootama lingiga automaatset versiooni. Edu!

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