Today, Edicy turns one -- a year ago we launched Edicy public beta into the wild. What a wonderful year it has been for us all. During this year, 85 000 people have created a site with us from all around the world.
Dominican RepublicEvery day hundreds and hundreds more sign up. An increasing number of them subscribe to the Pro plan. Sometimes also from exotic places like this guy from Dominican Republic yesterday.

The decision to build a community to translate and localize Edicy into a growing number of languages (15 at the moment) turned out to be the right thing to do. Hotel owners from Guatemala and hairdressers from Tunisia can now build sites for their businesses without needing to find an English-speaking tech guy to help.

What are we working on now, in the beginning of our second year? Customization! We're improving your ability to personalise your site further -- both in terms of design, content and functionality. Our development is based in part on user feedback and feature requests. So tell us what would you like to see improved in Edicy. We'd appreciate it very much.

Stay tuned and spread the word!

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  • Anabela Jul 31

    Why is it that Canada is not on the map? My site is in Canada...
    Thanks a lot.

  • Thom Jul 31

    How do you count people?

    Never-ever you have 85k living persons.

    "proud to count spam"

  • Tõnu Aug 02

    Anabela -- it's a map showing 50 latest signups, so it's just the last couple of hours.

    Thom -- sorry to disapoint you, but we aren't popular enough to drive bot signups yet :) Yes, they are all real people.

  • web development Sep 08

    Firstly i congratulate Edicy and wish them success for the future ahead.Custo

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