Most people build their websites on Edicy by themselves and that's how it's supposed to be. In some cases it's not enough – you might want to have a unique design, a well-run webstore, an efficient and effective internet marketing plan or you just feel some advice or tech help is needed to build a stunning website.

That's why we've started to build a list of those who can help you fill that need. After looking around our customer base we've tracked down the first batch of agencies and freelancers who have already built beautiful and well working websites on Edicy.  So here's the short but growing list of Edicy partners.

As price levels and geography both matter when looking for this kind of partner, we've also added info about location and pricing to the listing.

As a bonus, here are the first partners laid out on the World map.

View Edicy partners in a larger map

To all the companies who'd like to be added in the list of Edicy partners, you are very welcome. Email us at all the information and pictures that your colleagues' cards have and you'll be good to go.

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