We have redesigned the design examples section of edicy.com. Designs, featured sites and custom designed sites are now all togeteher on the same page. Carousel browsing was so 2008, so we dropped it and chose something new for the spring season.

The idea was to give quick overview of Edicy's design capacity. You can choose your Edicy site design from our ever-growing stock for free and play with it's colours and other elements should you feel like it. Or you may build a design on Edicy completely on your own from scratch.

By the way, you can also order your website design from our design team.

PS. You were right, yesterday's post was an April fools joke...

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  • kevin Lindsay Apr 03


    I am trying to contact a director regarding business partnership do you have skype ?

  • Tõnu Apr 03

    Hi Kevin. We received your e-mail, thanks! I'll answer you shortly.

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