A few weeks ago I wrote about choosing the right design and filling it up with good content. This time I will give you a few tips on how to customize your design with code.

Take a dip in the HTML

Let's say you love a certain design but would like to change a headline colour or change the background image. Making these small adjustments is easy, just look under the hood - switch to the design customize mode from Design full view ("Site" → "Site settings" → "Design"). There is "Customize current design" button on the right. Clicking this will open all the nuts and bolts behind an Edicy design for you to tinker around. You can now change the images (via familiar media organizer), layout and text colours (via editing the CSS). Sounds scary? Don't worry, our design team is most happy to help you with simple customizations at very reasonable prices.

Code your own

There are times, when standard design is simply not enough - maybe you want an 6 column layout for a local newspaper or a something unique for your best friends wedding. Getting a design run on Edicy is amazingly simple: even I, armed only with basic knowledge of HTML and our handy Edicy Developer Docs, managed to do it in half an hour. And with the new Designer Toolkit for both PC and Mac, you can craft gorgeous designs even faster.

Want to see what some of our users have created with either customizing Edicy designs or building their own? Our ever growing gallery of some of our users' sites will surely inspire you.

Give feedback

We are currently working on many new improvements which allow you to change and adjust the designs on the fly and on page without the need to code at all. Have some ideas on that? Desperately in need of that one single feature that could make your life oh-so-much-more-easier? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  • Robert Aug 16

    Content import from Wordpress, Blogspot etc would help.

  • Tõnu Aug 23

    Even more than content. Whole design should be imported :)

  • frank Jan 04

    I'm trying to build a website with an edicy template.
    Is there a possibillity in the gallery to put a small text under each picture ?
    2nd step can I put a "buy now paypall button" under the picture
    3th step when you click on the picture in the gallery the picture opens larger. Is it possible when you click on the picture another picture opens ( I want the second larger picture one that has more vieuws )

    thanks in advance

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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