The company behind Edicy has grown to 14 people as of today. It's twice the size it was a year ago. More importantly, it's times more development power making Edicy a better website builder every day.

In addition to the reworked form toolkit and multilingual site titles — updates that we released less than a month ago — we've put together another set of new features and fine-tunings.

New domains on sale

You can now buy local domain names for your French (.fr), Italian (.it), Portugese (.pt) and Latvian (.lv) businesses directly from us. All of them are € 15 / yr, except .pt for € 24 / yr (plus VAT, if applicable).

Get your new domain name now

Monthly website activity reports

Does your site get at least 10 visits per month? It's a start! From now on, we'll send you an activity report every month. It states the progress of the site in a few key metrics, sports a graph and additional relevant info like upcoming subscription expirations.

Monthly website activity report from Edicy

Improved gallery viewing

With the most recent update, websites on Edicy now offer an improved photo gallery viewing experience. It's optimized for both desktop and mobile (touch) devices and it has better usability and design than before.

In addition, we've made it highly customizable for all the developers and designers building unique customer websites on Edicy.

Gallery in Edicy on a touch screen.

Customizable search widget

Different Edicy themes now sport slightly differentiated search component. Attention all designers and developers — you can now deeply customize the look and feel of this widget on your customer websites as you wish.

What feature are you missing the most in Edicy? Tell us. Our development plan is derived in part from the most frequent feature requests.

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  • Priit Feb 01

    Feature request: I miss the possibility to switch on (technical) ways for boosting page load time (and consequently, the end user experience):
    1) cache headers for static files
    2) automatic gzipping of text files

  • Priit Feb 01

    Thanks for the request. We've been already thinking that it's time for us to work on this.

    Our approach would be building sane defaults for caching/content delivery mechanism that works best for all users. Letting users to fine-tune cache headers would be too much overkill for normal people :)

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