We released a new version of Edicy last night and if you've visited your site today you've probably seen the changes. Most noticeably we rejigged the structure of the bottom toolbar a little bit to make its structure more logical.
Let's start with the improved bottom toolbar

As you can see on the picture the order of the icons now reads site-page-files-etc. Basically if you want to change things on your whole website - address, users etc - you click on the "Site" icon.

If you want to change the settings of the page that you are on - layout, title whether it's displayed in the menu - you click on "Page" (previously these settings were under "Properties", all the way on the right).

And what used to be the "Media" icon, is now named "Files", because it also contains all your documents.

We also improved the gallery function: now when you click on a picture in a gallery and get a large version of it you can use the little arrows on the two sides of the picture to move to either the previous or next picture.

Also this release brings three fresh and light designs that you can use on your Edicy site: Baku, Caracas and a fresh take to an old favourite - Buenos Aires North. Feel free to try them out and let us know, how they fit!

We're hoping to bring you some more improvements with another release this week. 

Complete release notes

  • Improved bottom toolbar
  • Improvements to the gallery function
  • Three new templates
  • Template authors can now use user_location object to display information based on visitor's location
  • "reorder" and "grouped" tags are available in template code 
  • Improved usability of non-modal dialogs in editor
  • Improved flash embedding in text editor
  • Template editor will now give hint of a problem when trying to save incorrect template code
  • Fixed issues related to table editing
  • Fixed incorrect resizing of portrait photos in photo gallery
  • Fixed rendering of admin screens in Internet Explorer 6/7 and Google Chrome
  • Fixed issues with Internet Explorer and special characters in link href's in text editor

Replies to this post

  • Erkki Jul 10

    what happened with the statistics, is it coming back?

  • Tajo Jul 11

    Don't worry, the statistics will come back in the coming week.

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