Most of you have probably never been to our office – the small hive in the historic city centre of Tartu . Chances are, that most of you never will (but if you can, feel free to drop by!). Priit already gave you a short overview of how we organize our work.

I however as a designer am responsible for the visual side of Fraktal. So here’s a little postcard from our team!

A taste of apples, Apples, the oldest brickwalls and the brightest minds in the city. Try to find the easter egg!

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  • Krabi Apr 29

    And what should Mattias now do? You have stolen his idea and product! I guess, its not very nice....

    What if i stole your life work and sell it back to you?

  • Tajo Apr 29

    If you're talking about Welisa (the CMS from Krabi & Mask) then our philosophy is that competition is always healthy and makes competing services and products only better :)

  • Stever Aug 02

    Nice office :). Light and natural. And I love Apple ;).

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