Edicy is all about letting your content shine through beautiful designs and today we doubled the choice between different Edicy templates – every template has now a new stunning colour variation plus we introduce a whole new design: Astana. Hopefully you'll find something to spice up your existing site or get enough inspiration to customize one of our templates to your own needs.
Besides many other bug fixes and small polishes your site now understands its visitors language preferences and automatically switches to the right one. So wherever your visitors live, your site will be displayed in the right language.

Complete release notes:

  • Added new template Astana
  • Added template color variations Lyon South, Milano East, Riga North, Calgary West, Langley South, Brasilia North, Altea South, Odessa West, Munich South
  • Added automatic language detection
  • Improved site name area to allow adding pictures
  • Improved site structure tree in site organizer
  • Improvements in text editor
  • Improved edicyapges.com sub-domain name escaping (only a-z and 0-9 are allowed)
  • Fixed asking existing password on user details change for users who just created edicy account

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