We continue to work on Edicy and we’re getting close to the point where we’re willing to show some very close friends and family what we’ve been working on.
Thankfully family and friends are much more forgiving than the average user and are willing to put up with the rough shape the Edicy is still in but it’s nice to get some initial feedback.

  • Added "Blogs & News" module.
  • Added page translation capability to site tree view.
  • Added saving notification.
  • Added scrolling to media picker.
  • Added pop-up bubble for adding link in text editor.
  • Added ordinary login page view.
  • Added "remember me" flag in login window.
  • Fixed bottom body margin for toolbar.
  • Fixed link selection not working in IE 7.
  • Fixed bullets ruining page layout in IE.
  • Fixed login windows not visible on small screen resolutions.
  • Fixed problems with Mozilla login on "about:blank" page.
  • Fixed not changing page path on page title update.
  • Fixed toolbar texts misplaced in Opera.

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