This week we’ve added a couple of important new features and a number of bug fixes, Edicy gets a little closer each week to what we’ve envisioned. 
We’ve also reached the point were we’re looking to add more people to our private beta, so if you’re interested in testing Edicy you can submit your email address on the homepage and we’ll get back to you with an invite shortly.

  • Added the capability to invite additional users to manage your site and the user interface to go with it.
  • Added the ability to hide the comment area on new blog entry.
  • Added global authentication to all Edicy users. One e-mail to control all accounts.
  • Fixed errors with display of unicode characters.
  • Fixed Milano design template.
  • Fixed the background on the design selection tool that was not resizing properly.
  • Fixed the background on the design selection tool to fit 2 or more rows of template thumbnails.
  • Fixed problems with the site navigation menu when there were too many entries.
  • Changed password reminder email content.

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