Blog tool and Bug fixes
Added some more improvement to our blog platform as well as cleaned up a whole bunch of little bugs that had popped up.

  • Added simple Spambot to blog comments' protection.
  • Added show reel here to demonstrate new designs.
  • Added password reminder.
  • Added link to Edicy's main page in login window.
  • Added "Save" and "and continue editing" buttons in style editing windows.
  • Fixed site logo uploading capability.
  • Fixed inability to associate a link with an image in IE browser family.
  • Fixed entry field not being resized to fit inserted image.
  • Fixed IE not showing warnings when an unacceptable password is chosen for a new person.
  • Fixed site icon caching by Apache.
  • Fixed cache not being purged on layout changing.
  • Tweaked WYSIWYG text editor.

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