Earlier today, I was checking out a pretty neat application called Web2 Delight. It's an app that brings best of the web 2.0 goodness right onto your desktop. But that's not the thing i wanted to share with you (no-no, you should still check out the app for sure). It's something else - it's when you open up a .dmg file for the app:

Ooo.. this is looking familiar, right?

But still completely different - the first one has rainbow on the left, while the latter has it on the right. Some alterations on bubbling, and colours... totally different. Right?

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  • Tõnu May 14

    Well that's too much of inspiration I guess. By the way -- the map on Skype's beautiful site reminds me the one from www.apple.com/iphone. Then again, which was first or if there's any inspirational link between these two -- don't know.

  • mamatha Dec 10

    i want skype's beautiful site

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