This week we launched improved file manager and uploader with good-looking file icons and more understandable upload progress status. Well known file formats are now easily distinguishable by their respective icons that makes finding the wanted file easy. While uploading files, the status of uploads will be shown for each file with nice green status bar on file icon.
We also did some tricks to boost up the loading times of media panel for users with large number of files uploaded to their sites.

Other minor improvements from this week include improved blog comment management where comments marked as spam display only 200 characters of their boring and never-ending comment body. Also, we moved the button to erase all spam comments to the beginning of the comments list for better accessibility.

Nice tip: Did you know that you can filter out files uploaded on certain date or by the photo gallery they're in? Just take a look at filter drop-box in lower-left corner of media panel, you will see date and photo gallery sections there. When media panel is filtered by photo gallery, your uploaded files will get automatically added to this gallery. This way you can save yourself from little trouble of dragging them into gallery area on page.

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