Some new faces have appeared in the Fraktal office recently and we haven’t taken the time to formally introduced them. We should have a Team page up and running shortly so you can get an idea of everyone behind Edicy and we’ll post more detailed bios of everyone at Fraktal here on our blog, but in the meantime please give a warm welcome to Andres Sehr who recently joined Fraktal.
Andres is going to be helping us with some marketing and business tasks, he’s already taken charge of updating our blog as some of you may have noticed. He’s previously worked at Skype where he helped start up their global support organization and most recently he was in charge of community marketing for Oanda in Toronto. Andres was born and raised in Canada so he pronounces “out and about” with a funny accent and really enjoys maple syrup and ice hockey, we won’t hold that against him. He has spent the last 4 years bouncing between Estonia and Canada and is looking forward to working on something simple and exciting.

Andres hold a business degree from the University of Toronto and when he’s not immersed in work he enjoys traveling, reading up on politics and current events and making a nice meal for family and friends.

It’s great to have him on the team.

Welcome Andres!

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